Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers Win assured Gifts (Ans Added)


Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Answers 2020 | After Flipkart Ananya pandey special superfan quiz, now they are again comes with an another Flipkart Jacqueline Quiz Answer. By participants in this contest you can win Free assured Gift vouchers, super coins, smartphones and many more.

Flipkart already organized SuperFan quiz contest with other Bollywood celebrities Like Kareena Kapor, Sara Ali khan, Taapsee Pannu and now it’s time for Jacqueline Fernandez’s quiz. So here in this post we are sharing with you all the correct answers of Flipkart Jacqueline Fernandez Super fan quiz.

You just need to copy all the answer from below and give it correctly to the contest and you can get a chance to Meet Jacqueline Fernandez in Video chat, also win Flipkart vouchers, gift cards & many more.

Flipkart Super Fan quiz

Flipkart Super Fan Quiz 2020

Quiz NameFlipkart Super Fan Quiz
Today's QuizMalaika's Quiz
Quiz DateFrom 14th August (1 Week)
PrizesFree assured Gift vouchers, Supercoins
Winner Instatly

Flipkart Jacqueline Quiz Answers

Question 1: What Is The Last Thing I Do Before I Sleep?

Answer : Pray

Question 2:What Is My Favourite Indian Desert?

Answer : Rasgulla

Question 3: What Is My Least Favourite Vegetable?

Answer : Karela

Question 4: What Is That One Social Media Trend That Really Bugs Me?

Answer : Challenges

Question 5: I Always Carry A Marble Angel In My Bag. Who Gifted Me This Angel?

Answer : My Mom

Question 6: What Is That One Thing I Always Offer Guests When They Come Home?

Answer : Dates

Question 7: I Have 2 Pole At Home

Answer : True

Question 8:If I Wasn’t In India I Would Have Love To Stay In New York

Answer : False

Question 9: The First Hindi Film I Watched Was

Answer : Devdas

Question 10: My First Bollywood Crush Was

Answer : Salman Khan

That’s it! Now you are eligible to win the prize.

Flipkart Ananya Pandey Quiz Answers

Question 1: What is my Secret Talent?

Answer 1: Touching my Tongue to my Nose

Question 2: What is my Favorite Team Sport?

Answer 2: Cricket

Question 3: What Is My Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

Answer 3: Cookies And Cream

Question 4: My Favorite Family Trip Was To Which Place?

Answer 4: Africa

Question 5: I Am Allergic To Cheese

Answer 5: False

Question 6: One Emoji That I Use The Most Is Eye Roll

Answer 6: False

Question 7: The First Thing I Do In The Morning Is Check My Phone

Answer 7: True

Question 8: If This Was Remade Today I Would Love To Be A Part Of It. The Film Is________

Answer 8: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Question 9: I Regularly Use This Movie Dialogue . The Dialogue Is______

Answer 9: Main Apni Favorite Hoon

Question 10: If My Life Had A Hindi Theme Song Then It Would Be______

Answer 10: Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare

Flipkart Taapsee Pannu Quiz Answers

Question 1: The First poster I ever put in my Room was of which Actor?

Answer 1: John Abraham

Question 2: Who am I more Scared of?

Answer 2: My Dad

Question 3: What Is That One Habit I Just Can’t Get Rid Of?

Answer 3: Nail Biting

Question 4: If I Were To Get A Third Tattoo What Would That Tattoo Be?

Answer 4: My Birth Date

Question 5: Which Delhi Street Food Do I Miss The Most?

Answer 5: Chole Bhature

Question 6: I Am A

Answer 6: Morning Person

Question 7: In College I Developed An App Called FontSwap?

Answer 7: TRUE

Question 8: Once While Playing Badminton I Hit My Younger Sister So Hard On The Head That She Had To Go To The Hospital?

Answer 8: FALSE

Question 9: The First Film I Saw In A Movie Theatre Was ______

Answer 9: Chotta Chetan

Question 10: I Can Speak ____ Languages

Answer 10: 5

That’s it! Now you are eligible to win the prize.

Old Answers:

Flipkart Sara's Quiz Answers 

Question 1: What is my Favourite holiday Destination in India?

Answer 1: Himachal Pradesh

Question 2: Why sis my favourite cheat meal?

Answer 2: Mithai

Question 3: Which classical form dance I am more trained for?

Answer 3: Odissi

Question 4:- What is the name of my pet turtle

Answer 4: Mr.T

Question 5: What is my favourite type of Atta

Answer 5: Makki

Question 6: I have a fake twitter account

Answer 6: True

Question 7: I lost weight during the Kedarnath shoot

Answer 7: False

Question 8: My favourite form of exercise is weight training

Answer 8: False

Question 9: My favourite Karan Johar film_______

Answer 9: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Question 10: Out of all moms films my favourite performance of her is_____

Answer 10: Chameli Ki Shaadi

Flipkart Malaika’s Quiz Answers

Flipkart Malaika's Quiz Answers 

Question 1:- What is the most daring thing I have ever done?

Ans 1: Swimming with Sharks

Question 2:- What dish do I cook the best?

Ans 2: Green Thai Curry

Question 3:- What is that one habit I just can’t get rid of?

Ans 3: Over-packing

Question 4:- What was my favourite subject in school?

Ans 4: History

Question 5:- What is that one word I use a lot?

Ans 5: Seriously

Question 6:- Badminton is my favourite sport

Ans 6: False

Question 7:- My perfect date night is a long walk on the beach

Ans 7: False

Question 8:- The hindi film song which best describes me is _____

Ans 8: Oh Haseena Zulfon Wali

Question 9:- The first ad I did was for _____

Ans 9: Amusement Park

Question 10:- My favourite hindi movie is _____

Ans 10: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Also Play & Win:

How to Play Flipkart Super fan quiz and win ?

1. Install Flipkart App from Here

2. Login or Register

3. Tap on Game Zone option

4. Now you will see Superfan quiz banner

5. Click on it and watch video

6. Give answers from above

7. That’s it! You are done.

If you are lucky then you do video chat with Jacqueline Fernandez


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